Panasonic Terminals

High performance POS terminals
Panasonic POS systems are built with the latest technology and fully prepared for any kind of business. Panasonic has been working for more than 30 years to cover performance and stability issues that hospitality, commerce and hotels industry demands. An easy-to-use system and a high quality construction make Panasonic POS systems in one of the PC based options more recommendable of the actual market.  Panasonic POS systems are fully compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows.

Endurance and Performance

Terminals built to work intensely in high demanding envinments, offering longevity, high permonce and a complete return of the investment.

Windows O.S.

Total compatibility and stability with older and lastest versions of the Microsoft´s operating system.

Powerful processors

Panasonic POS systems incorporate last generation Intel processors like Core i5, Pentium or Celeron to get the highest performance of the system.

Compact Design

Panasonic POS terminals presents a compact and smart design with good endings, endurance and size.

Modular Configurations

Panasonic POS systems are built in a modular way, so more devices can be connected, replace pieces easily, install the screen in a wall, stand, pole…


Multiple possibilities of connectivity, Ethernet, 3 COM ports (RJ50), 3.0, 2.0 and powered USB ports, cash drawer…


Modular and flexible design, high performance and prepared for all kind of business.

Panasonic JS970 is a point of sale sytems with PC technology prepared for high levels of work, with great desigh and versatility make it perfect for any kind of business. Easy integration, works with older and latest versións of Microsoft Windows. Panasonic have been innovating and building terminals for more than 35 years and with JS970 present a terminal that exceed expectations.

Compact size and a bigger screen of 15″, bezel free and high mobility.
Hidden connection panel and changeable screen because of the modular design.
Optional back screen for a better communication with customers and advertising.
Can be installed over VESA wall mount, over counter of Pole (like space pole)


An easy integration and its features make JS970 the perfect option for any kind of business

Panasonic´s JS970 is perfect for any kind of business, from fancy restaurants to fast-food, and kind of store (fashion, medical centers, hairdressers…), can be installed in walls, counters… without breaking the aesthetics of the place and integrating perfectly with it.


Mobility solutions without power losing

Panasonic tablets are prepared and thought for external work being highly resistance to daily situations of any kind of business. Equiped with an Intel i5 microprocessor, will solve more demanding work situations in an efficient way, and thanks to its work dock, converts into a fully fuctional POS system with dedicated ports and complete compatible with external devices (cash drawers, cash handling systems, printers…), you can disconnect it wherever you need it and transport it as easy as a tablet. Exchangeable battery with up to 11h of life, resistant to drops up to 180cm and spill resistant (IP65)

Could be connected to different docks tha converts it in a fully functional Point of Sale system.
Dock is equipped with several dedicted ports to connect external devices.
Counter instalation dock also have some different ports for external devices.
Prepared for high levels of work, accidental drops or liquid spills (IP65)

Bigger mobility, high benefits

The new POS generation is here

 Without forget the quality, functionality and performance of a system, the mobility, weight and size are important points to take care of when we are loking for a POS system for our business. With  thoughtpad series, Panasonic takes a big step, thanks to their connection docks we have a 100% functional POS system, in a more effecient space and with an use more versatile, we can disconnect and use like a handheld it if we need. Fully compatible with JS970 if our business needs required more than one terminal.

Phoenix II: El poder de Uniwell al alcance de su mano

Con Phoenix II Uniwell da un paso más en el uso de sus terminales HX/AX

Con Phoenix II podrá usar sus sistema Uniwell HX de una manera más compacta y sencilla. Con las funciones necesarias para un uso más eficiente y veloz, Phoenix II le ayudará a aumentar la velocidad en su trabajo además de a trabajar de manera más ordenada y eficiente ya que todos los pedidos tiene que pasar por el sistema antes de su preparación. Phoenix es una apliación android hecha por y para los sistemas Uniwell HX/AX por lo que la compatibilidad de funcionamiento es total, así como la estabilidad del sistema. Intuitivo, sencillo, estable, rápido… y otras ventajas hacen que el uso de Phoenix II sea tan simple como el uso de su propio móvil.

Sistema Android

Puede instalarse en casi cualquier terminal Android del mercado tales como terminales industriales, móviles, tablets, TPVS, portátiles …

Versión Oscura/Clara

Versión clara y versión oscura para ajustarse al nivel de luz ambiental o del restaurante, tienda… favoreciendo una mejor visibilidad.

Compatibilidad Total

Construido por y para los sistemas HX/AX de Uniwell y enlazado mediante licencia asegura un funcionamiento 100% funcional.

Búsqueda Mejorada

Las HX/AX integran un completo sistema de gestión de stock/almacén, obteniendo un alto nivel de control de la gestión de su negocio.

Uso de Gestos

Mediante el uso de gestos unidos a distintas funciones (enviar, cobrar…) hace que el trabajo sea más fluido y con mayor rapidez.

Modo Shell

Phoenix II se puede configurar para ejecutarse en solitario al arranque de Android sacanda el máximo partido al dispositivo.

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