After-sales online service for your POS system.

Press the button of you operating system and to download our remote support tool. Don´t forget to call us to 952 460 945 before start an assistance request to know what technician is available to help your.

Press the button to check if the ports needed are open.

Technical support options

Bartolomé Consultores offers you different posibilites to acquire our Helpdesk and technical hotline services. Obtain our technical services and seize all the benefits together with the best guaranteed assistance

  • For a detailed information of support and hotline options, contact us by web contact form, by phone at 952 460 945 or by email

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions of our customers, if you have any other different question, contact us

¿What benefits offers me to acquire these services?
This contract represents a number of unique advantages. From online technical support by internet using our remote access tool, telephone support to expedite the resolution of issues as well as any kind of incidence related with your POS system. From labor, training or consumables discounts to system loans in case of failure… ¿need more information? Contact us.
¿Is this service necesary to have support?

Under no circumstances. This services represents a number of benefits available for the customers that acquire it. You could always could demand our services at your place o at our facilities under our current sales

Does this contract represent an extension of our system warranty?
No. Your equipment have an starting warranty indicate in your purchase contract. This warranty don´t represents in any case the access to a technical support service. The technical support service and the equipment warranty are treated independently, so have a system into warranty period doesn´t mean to have a contract of technical support.
Does this contract include any service demanded to Bartolomé Consultores?
No. Exist different possibilities of technical services with different benefits levels but are not included services like: training courses, programmations, custom developments, special updates… Get informed. Contact us.
¿Could I contract technical service for one of my business and use it in others?

Unfortunately, no. Every single support contract is joined to a specific place (and the software licences installed there). Every single place needs his own contract of technical service to access to the benefits that this represents.

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