We offer the most complete and flexible solutions Elco-Data for you business. Our wide experience is our first guaranteed, the second, our products of Software and hardware, cutting-edge technology to your disposition.
The combination between our Elco-Data, Panasonic and Uniwell terminals and our Neogrup and Elco-Data software offers from the simpliest POS solution to the most complex configuration designed to group of locals or franchises.

With a presence of almost 30 years in EPOS (Electronic point of sale) systems market, Panasonic systems solutions has reached the figure of 1 million units of work stations. With that experience, Panasonic has designed reliable and flexible EPOS solutions looking for an intuitive use as respond to a more and more challenging market environment.

Panasonic JS970 y js960 Software Neo Bartolomé Consultores Málaga Fuengirola Marbella Torremolinos Benalmádena POS systems

Panasonic EPOS systems have become undisputed leaders inside several business sections. From Fast-Foods, franchices, take away, hostelry, retail, commerce or fashion to hotel or holidays resorts.

Panasonic JS970 Software Neo Back Bartolomé Consultores Málaga Fuengirola Marbella Torremolinos Benalmádena POS systems

Panasonic point of sale terminals

Are top range regarding features, reliability, experience and production experience. Everything is thought for the most exigent enviroment, liquid spill resistance, prepare for hostile enviroments thanks to the high durability being that is built without moving parts (fanless and without hard disks).
The screen is high resistance having a very long life. Panasonic POS range provide Server or client models, being able to combine both to adjust a price to your business needs and structure.

Everything is oriented to obtain the maximum to your equipment and your investment together with a great and long durability

Neo software

Finally those systems are integrated with Neo Software configured specificall to your kind of business. Scalable, from mono system business to a franchise network through all the intermediate steps that we can imagine. The point of sale functions are 100% customizable, user management by profile, control of refunds, discounts, cancelations… With neo software you can also have a control of sales by user to manage commisions or incentives.

Additionally the control into your business will be more exhaustive, with Neo back office we will have reports of sale stadistics combine of several different forms (by group of items, date, user, schedule, supplier…) such as stock control, buyings… Are particularly interesting functions like rate control that allow you to prepare sales discounts in advance, detect the rate of a ticket by date either in gift vouchers with the purpose of apply the proper rate in every sale transaction, change or refund. We can not forget one of the most important points, a full record of every operation of sale, refund, void, change of price, discount, payment…

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