We offer the most complete and flexible solutions Elco-Data for you business. Our wide experience is our first guaranteed, the second, our products of Software and hardware, cutting-edge technology to your disposition.

The combination between our Elco-Data, Panasonic and Uniwell terminals and our Neogrup and Elco-Data software offers from the simpliest POS solution to the most complex configuration designed to group of locals or franchises.

The combination of software and hardware Elco Data is a very powerful alternative to your business. The link between the point of sale software Hostelco and the Elco Data terminals are fully prepared to cover your business demands, completed by the integration of hand terminals becomes to be an option to consider.

From the most complete the all-in-one compact terminals thought to business with little space, from the most complex network of terminals prepared to cover each demand of your business, to simpliest systems for small business. With Elco Data terminals and Hostelco, Hostelco pro and Elco gestión software, take the control of your business.

Elco-Data industrial terminals

Elco Data range of touch terminals use the last Intel Atom technology to offer compact, silence (fanless) and reliable terminals. The 6509 model offers a big versatility thank to the high connectivity, 15” screen and the possibility of be installed with and stand or hanged in the wall with any wall backet thanks to the compatibility with VESA

Comandero Industrial

The adaptation of Hostelco for the use of hand terminals is a point to consider at the time to implant handhelds. Hostelco adapts perfectly to any Android tablet or phone,improving the velocity of a day work. No more lost orders, everything goes throught the system. Take the control of operations with users control by profiles.

Computer based solutions is as interesting as flash solution indeed, is composed of a top quality combination of hardware and software of the current market.

Hostelco POS software

Hostelco is a point of sale software adaptable to all kind of business, intuitive and easy to use. 100% customizable software we can manage keyboards by user, table plans, hand terminals, several terminals in the same network or a store chain. Got the option of configure different kitchen printers, scales, barcode readers, client accounts, happy hour, card or button user control, menu management, listings, a big quantity of different sales reports etc. Adaptable to all kind of hostelry, commerce, retail or service business.

Además con la ampliación a Hostelco Pro podrá gestionar el control de stock de su local, inventarios, compras, facturas, albaranes, clientes, control de ofertas, informes de beneficio… Además, la integración de Hostelco central y la comunicaciones con el software Comm podrá recibir todas las venta en un único punto central desde donde podrá gestionar toda la configuración de Hostelco, ya tenga una o varias tiendas. Una ampliación considerable de posibilidades.

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